grandCARE can keep track on the wellness of your loved one by using a wide variety of devices such as Blood Pressure Cuffs, Weight Scales, Oximeters and many more. You can have peace of mind that your loved one’s health is being monitored in real time.

Wellness Package comes with the grandCARE 15.6” touchscreen monitor, one sensor and one telehealth device with the price.

Medical Compliance

• The system will prompt the user to take their medication. It will also display a picture of the pill or tablet to be taken.
• An audible notification along with an image will prompt the user “time to take medication”. If the medication hasn’t been taken, it will again remind the user that they need to take it. If the user is away from home, a prompt can also be sent via their mobile device.
• The system will also record when medication has been taken.

Telehealth Device

There is a suite of devices available to work in partnership with your grandCARE system. They can provide the following:
• Blood pressure readings
• Weight scales for body fat, BMI, muscle mass, Water ratio and body weight
• Oximeters for people with COPD, asthma, CHF
• Thermometers for fevers, urinary tract infection etc
Remember, our system alerts low readings to family or health professionals. With that early intervention, you can prevent illnesses or hospital admissions.

Rule Based Alerts

The system can be set up to each users’ individual requirements. Whilst not exhaustive, the following are some of the alerts you could create:
• Alert if parent is not back in bed 10 minutes after a visit to the bathroom
• Alert at 10pm if parent is not home after walking the dog at night
• Alert if parent has not taken medication after being prompted
• Alert if parent is not out of bed by 10am
• Alert if the temperature drops below 18 degrees within the property
• Alert parent to drink water if temperature goes above 26 degrees

Health Assessments

As the system monitors and records the user’s medication along with readings such as blood pressure, heart rate and weight as examples, it allows for professional assessments using accurate information.
This could be their general health, heart health, diabetes, lifestyle, eating and so on.

Care Plan Notes

With our grandCARE system, you can personalise care plans. All care notes as password protected and every care visit is recorded.
This provides accountability to the carers, but also gives them, along with their GP or family, access to all their notes.


grandCARE does so much more than monitor and track your health, or remind you to take medications. It exists to help enhance your current lifestyle. We do this by offering:
• Personalised exercise videos
• Music playlists/relaxation music
• Yoga videos
• Personalised videos set up by a physiotherapist
• Training videos, carers recording how their client likes to be looked after