grandCARE have made it easier than ever to keep in contact with loved ones, from instant video calling anywhere to instant messages which show on the screen. The grandCARE Socialisation packages adds to your loved one’s independence and enhances their day encouraging interaction and positivity.
Now that you and your loved ones are only a few clicks away, you can stop worrying and calling every day.

Socialisation Package comes with the grandCARE 15.6” touchscreen monitor

Video Calls

The system can be pre-configured so you simply press one button to call your chosen contact/family member. Just select their profile picture to initiate a video call.
You have a choice of either video or voice call from one app. This helps bring family and friends together to tackle loneliness and help stay socially integrated.

Daily Schedules

Using the built-in scheduling tool, daily reminders can be set up for anything from meetings, medications, feeding the cat or even visiting a loved one. This is linked to a monthly calendar making your daily schedule so much easier to manage.
All reminders can be either audible, voice or pictorial prompts. The good thing is, carers of family members can update the calendar from anywhere in the world!

Photos & Videos

The grandCARE system seamlessly integrates with Facebook photos and videos. Multiple albums can be stored and any new content is notified to the user.
You can link your photograph albums with a slideshow for when you’re not using the screen and new images can be uploaded via the app at any time.


Websites can be pre-configured to show only the users’ favourite sites. All web browsing is secure and It doesn’t require any computer skills. They can all be separated in to categories making it easier to find.


With the messaging app, the system can be pre-configured with letter addresses. Simply select the profile picture of the person you want to contact, type your message…and press send!
You can save all the letters you send for future reference including newsletters that may have been sent you via your community.
A big plus part with the messaging app is that any health professionals involved in your care, can also message you directly.