Removal of
Sleep in Nights

Adult Social Care budgets throughout the UK are under significant pressure, and Councils are being left with no option but to cut budgets. One of the main targets for these cuts is sleep-in night support, following a change in legislation requiring minimum wage to be paid in most cases.

The first challenge in making changes to the provision of night time care, is to first understand the requirements. In order to do this, grandCARE install an array of sensors within the selected properties to monitor the night time activity of the residents. The sensors will provide data on how often the residents are active in the night and what this activity usually entails. From this, grandCARE will make recommendations as to where the sleep-in night support can be withdrawn and the processes that will need to be put in place to ensure the continuous safety and security of the residents.

Unlike other monitoring systems, in which the sensors can only monitor behaviour and provide retrospective reports, grandCARE can provide real time alerts when any concerning activity takes place, meaning we can instantly notify remote carers of an issue.

The process for triggering an alert will be bespoke to each residence, and will be designed from the information gathered during the individual assessment.

Removal of Sleep in Nights

Make evidenced based decisions on the requirement for sleep-in night support. With this information you can form a strategy for the future provision of night time care, supported by assistive technology.

Traffic Light System

We will also set clear zones within a house which trigger different levels of alert. Using grandCARE, we can set up zones within a home, typically based on a traffic light system:

Red – Take Immediate Action

Amber – Monitor (Some Action may be Required)

Green – No Action Required

One of the key functions of sleep-in night staff is to offer assistance in the unlikely event of a fire in the property. When removing sleep-in night staff grandCARE will work to design and implement a robust fire evacuation strategy and part of the PoC grandCARE will carry out a number of fire drills to allow us to assess the capabilities of each individual to react in case of fire and to practice the processes put in place. We have also include auto diallers within the system specification. These systems will automatically dial a pre-defined telephone number, typically a monitoring centre, the fire brigade or the waking night support in the event of a fire alarm being activated.

Whether you are a Council looking to reduce the costs of sleep in nights or a Care Provider looking to evidence the need for sleep in nights grandCARE can provide you with a solution to care for your residents.

· Evidence the requirements for sleep-in support

· Design solutions that can replace sleep-in support where possible

· Reduce the cost of Sleep-in support without negatively impacting care