The Acoustic Monitoring monitors residents in the evening without interrupting their sleep cycles. Alerts are raised to the staff’s central dashboard and mobile handsets when sound levels in the room reach an individually configured threshold.

When an alert is triggered, staff are quickly and effectively able to respond to an incident. Both the central dashboard and mobile handsets are alerted to a call for help. The care team are then able to listen in, view into the room and talk back to the resident, allowing them to gain a better understanding of why the alert has been raised.

Any monitoring of residents is non-intrusive. Each system is password protected and only authorised personnel can view private information via inputting a password. If care records or activity records are taken from the system, and the person entering grandCARE Manages to download the details, this will have been date and time stamped into the system.

Prevent Falls

Because staff are alerted as soon as a resident is about to get out of bed, they can proactively provide assistance, which significantly reduces the number of fall incidents (WCS Care, 2017: 34% reduction).

Better Level of Care

Because staff no longer have to go looking for problems, they have more time to devote to solving them. This results in more attentive care.

Faster Return on Investment

Increased staff efficiency results in cost savings. The system thereby pays for itself within a short period of time, while continuing to deliver the benefits long after.

Better Sleep Cycles

Residents can sleep better through the night, due to lack of disturbance from staff periodically checking in on them.