grandCARE’s platform gives complete flexibility delivering the fully “future proofed” solution, putting the resident at the centre of the system to shape unique individual outcomes for residents, maximising choice, control, flexibility and independence. The grandCARE touchscreen situated within each apartment is Bluetooth, Z-Wave and Wi-Fi enabled, which opens up many safeguarding possibilities. This allows the care team to observe residents via a dashboard to gain a holistic overview of what is going on, any outstanding activities, who is ‘in or out of their apartment’.

grandCARE has a built-in concierge feature that also has a schedule functionality for all activities that happen within a care community. This enabled the scheme manager to set up groups within the grandCARE Manage, grouping residents into their individual hobbies. Residents can also book taxi’s, hair appointments, dry cleaning and maintenance all from the touch of a button. When the appointments are made the entry of their booking automatically gets added to their schedule to prompt the individual prior to the event. This solution is designed to keep friends, neighbours and family connected.

Fit for Purpose

Fit for Purpose Assistive Technology Solution, allowing residents to stay socially integrated with family, friends and carers via video call, letters, photographs and messages.

Safety at Night

Residents door and motion contacts can be programmed to suit their individual sleep pattern. If they activate the motion or door sensor between predetermined times the alert will come straight to the staff so that they can assist immediately.

Better Informed Staffing Team

A better-informed staffing team, use the grandCARE system to contain training videos of moving and handling, have individual training videos on residents own systems of how they like to be treated.