Given the choice, most people choose to live at home rather than move into care. However, staying at home can lead to additional challenges for the Local Authority, the care provider and the individual. A grandCARE system used along side traditional person led care offers the solution to these challenges.

Loneliness & Isolation

Whilst staying at home may be the preferred option for most people, it can lead to a lot of time being spent alone, particularly as mobility becomes more difficult. This issue is exacerbated if family live a long way away.
• Free video calling to family and friends ensures that the resident can stay connected to the community – This system is fully secure, and the resident can only be contacted by a pre-approved contact
• Reminders can be set within the system to advise of weekly groups that the resident may wish to attend. Messages can be sent direct to the system for an event which the care team think may be of interest
• Pre-approved suppliers such as taxi firms, takeaways can be added into the system
• Access to the internet is provided in a “walled garden”, meaning control over which sites can be visited is managed by the care team (including family)
• Personal content such as music and photos can be uploaded

High Care Costs

Supporting individuals in their home often requires large care packages. This is partly due to the lack of assessment of needs and the requirement to have care staff regularly visit properties. The cots of a care can be even more challenging in rural locations.
• grandCARE will monitor individuals unobtrusively around the property. This enables the local authority to properly assess the capabilities of the individual and to design a bespoke care package. The ongoing monitoring of the individual means that any deterioration in the persons wellbeing can be assessed and suitable remedies put in place immediately.
• Prompts within the system help the individual to stay healthy and safe, limiting the need for intervention by care staff
• Medication prompts and video call facilities reduce the requirement for community nursing to make costly medication trips
• Prompt residents to carry out day to day tasks such as eating, drinking water, showering, brushing teeth etc
• The system recognises environmental conditions and will adjust prompts accordingly e.g on a hot day, the system will recommend drinking water more regularly
• Stock videos can be used to support day to day tasks e.g. step by step guide on how to make beans on toast

Challenges in Care Management

Outside of a controlled care setting such as a residential home, it becomes more challenging to properly manage and record the care being provided. grandCARE supports the care team in achieving this management whilst also providing much greater visibility and control to both the individual and the family.
Care Schedule
• Within the system, there is a care schedule which details all tasks which need to be carried out. The Carer simply ticks off the tasks as they are completed, so that another carer visiting later in the day knows exactly what has been completed.
• Each task is also assigned an importance and urgency rating to ensure that when time is short the most important activities are carried out first
• Through the grandCARE Manage App, family can see which tasks have been completed and any notes which have been added to the system
Monitoring Data
• grandCARE records hundreds of small packages of data every minute from both interactions with the system and the various sensors around the property.
• The data is used to build a picture of normal behaviour for the individual. Changes in behaviour can be an early warning sign of deterioration and with grandCARE can be picked up instantly and acted upon
• All data is recorded and held within our secure data centre. This data can then be made available for auditing purposes