HOWTO – Add a Medication to a grandCARE system

This page will take you through the process of adding a medication to a grandCARE system.

In this case the details of the medication, schedule and actions are:

  •  Medication: 500mg Naproxen tablets
  •  Schedule: twice a day, between 08:00 and 08:30, and 18:00 and 18:30 with or after food
  •  Action: if the medication is not acknowledged an email will be sent to one of the care givers with an appropriate message


  • A computer with internet connectivity
  • A GC Manage account group / account caregiver permissions
  • The information for system / account to which you wish to add the medication
  • The system you are adding the medication to will need to be turned on and accessible
  • If you wish to add a reminder image of the medication, the image needs to be available from your PC
  • If you are going to send an alert as the action, you will need to ensure you have the appropriate details of the recipient’s account, check this HOWTO for details of user setup

Step-By-Step Instructions

It is assumed that you have logged into GC Manage.