In The System


  • Preconfigured favourite websites
  • No computer skill required
  • Websites separated into categories
  • Safe internet browsing
  • Keep connected
  • Reduced loneliness

Video calls

  • Preconfigured video calls
  • Simply select profile picture to initiate call
  • Voice and video call from one app
  • Free video calls keeping family/friends connected
  • No more loneliness, stay socially integrated
  • Stay connected to family/friends across the globe

Daily schedules

  • Daily schedule with reminders
  • Monthly calendar linking to schedule
  • Audible, voice or pictorial prompts
  • Scrolling banners with day, date & time
  • Calendar can be updated by family or carers from anywhere visual display of 'to-do' activities


  • Preconfigured letter address
  • Simply select profile picture to create a letter
  • Send and receive letters, keeping family/friends together letters can be saved and archived for safe keeping
  • Instant connection to health professionals
  • Receive newsletter of activities within the community

Photos & videos

  • Grandcare seamlessly integrates facebook
  • Multiple photo albums can be stored
  • User notified when new photo content has arrived
  • Link your photograph albums with slideshow
  • View and receive youtube content
  • Upload photos from the app at anytime

Games & music

  • Personalised music & games
  • Therapeutic benefits of music for dementia brain exercise games
  • Socialising via games
  • Music and games vary the day
  • Internet radio

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