Complete Independence

In The System


  • Preconfigured favourite websites
  • No computer skill required
  • Websites separated into categories
  • Safe internet browsing
  • Keep connected
  • Reduced loneliness

Video calls

  • Preconfigured video calls
  • Simply select profile picture to initiate call
  • Voice and video call from one app
  • Free video calls keeping family/friends connected
  • No more loneliness, stay socially integrated
  • Stay connected to family/friends across the globe

Daily schedules

  • Daily schedule with reminders
  • Monthly calendar linking to schedule
  • Audible, voice or pictorial prompts
  • Scrolling banners with day, date & time
  • Calendar can be updated by family or carers from anywhere visual display of 'to-do' activities


  • Preconfigured letter address
  • Simply select profile picture to create a letter
  • Send and receive letters, keeping family/friends together letters can be saved and archived for safe keeping
  • Instant connection to health professionals
  • Receive newsletter of activities within the community

Photos & videos

  • Grandcare seamlessly integrates facebook
  • Multiple photo albums can be stored
  • User notified when new photo content has arrived
  • Link your photograph albums with slideshow
  • View and receive youtube content
  • Upload photos from the app at anytime

Games & music

  • Personalised music & games
  • Therapeutic benefits of music for dementia brain exercise games
  • Socialising via games
  • Music and games vary the day
  • Internet radio

Medication compliance

  • Prompts the user to take medication
  • Displays a picture of the pill or tablet
  • Audible or voice alerts prompting "Time to take medication"
  • The system outputs an alert if medication has not been taken
  • Can prompt user to take medication via a mobile when away from home records when medication has been taken

Rule based alerts

  • Alert if parent is not back in bed 10 minutes after visit to bathroom alert after 10pm if parent is not home after walking dog at night alert if parent has not taken medication after being prompted
  • Alert if parent is not out of bed by 10am
  • Alert if the temperature drops below 18 degrees within the house alert parent to drink water if temperature hits above 26 degrees

Telehealth devices

  • Blood pressure readings
  • Weight scales for body fat, bmi, muscle mass, water ratio & weight oximeters for people with copd, asthma, chf
  • Thermometers for fevers, urinary tract infection
  • Output low readings to family or health professionals
  • Early intervention, can prevent illnesses or hospital admissions

Care plan/care notes

  • General health
  • Heart health
  • Diabetes
  • Lifestyle
  • Eating
  • Reports

Soothing music/video

  • Personalised exercise videos
  • Personalised music playlists
  • Relaxation music
  • Yoga videos
  • Personalised videos set by physiotherapist
  • Training videos, career recording how their client likes to be cared for

Activity/multi-sensor sensor

  • Scenario:
  • If the patient goes to the bathroom between 11pm and 7am and has not returned to bed within 10 minutes an alert will be sent to the primary carer.
  • Rule:
  • Using a directional motion sensor by the bedside, we set up a rule within grandcare that states if the motion detector is triggered between the hours of 11pm and 7am, from when the motion is detected the system will count down from 10 minutes. If motion is detected within the 10 minutes the individual is ok. If not, the rule will send a pre-recorded message to the designated carer.

Door sensor

  • Scenario:
  • Father walks the dog at 10.30pm for 20 minutes, if he has not returned by 11pm an alert will be sent to the primary carer.
  • Rule:
  • Using a door sensor, we set up a rule to state that if the door is opened after 10.30pm and has not been reopened and closed by 11pm an alert will be sent to the primary carer via text/call or email.

Smart switch

  • Scenario:
  • Father wakes at 3am to go to the bathroom, by triggering the activity sensor this turns on the lamp via the smart switch and turns off when he returns to bed.
  • Rule:
  • Between 11pm and 7am if the activity sensor is triggered, switch on lamp via smart switch, when activity is detected again switch lamp off.


  • Scenario:
  • If mother's daily routine starts to go out of sync, for example between the hours of 11pm and 7am she starts wandering around, going downstairs numerous times throughout the night, opening the fridge or opening the external door.
  • Rule:
  • If excessive movement is detected over a period of three nights then an alert will be sent. This can also be backed up with, if the exterior door is opened between these times any night to alert the individual that "It's 3am, go back to bed", this would also send an alert to a family member.

The Complete Independence Package includes a grandCARE ZStick Gen5 USB to create a gateway for control of Z-Wave Devices, One Medication Sensor and a choice of a Blood Pressure Monitor or Bluetooth Scales. Two Multi Sensors, Two Window/Door Sensors and One Smart Switch with USB Charging Port.

grandCARE Z-Stick Gen5 USB


Medication Sensor

grandCARE Door Sensor

grandCARE Smart Switch

grandCARE Multi Sensor


Telehealth Device

grandCARE Oximeter

grandCARE Blood Pressure Cuff

grandCARE Weight Scales

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