A Patient leaves hospital and typically receives a large care plan to “cover all bases” as no proper assessment of capabilities is carried out. Care packages tend to be expensive and often do not meet the needs of the individual.

Packages typically involve multiple visits per day – however staff are often short of time and have many tasks to complete meaning that the resident can end up being disturbed regularly and lonely at the same time. There is no requirement or involvement of family or friends. As there is no active monitoring the care package can be hard to remove and as needs change, potentially due to health deuteration the cycle continues and the patient is generally re admitted to hospital.

This cycle can be repeated several times before the resident ends up requiring costly residential care.

Note – there is currently no outward pathway from residential care.

grandCare have created a new D2A model of care using its assistive technology to work from a discharge direct to home or to a D2A unit. The patient will receive a specialised assessment 48 hours before discharge to check eligibility for a grandCare unit, if successful, the assessment data will be collected and forwarded to GC Central to enable pre configuration of a new unit ready for operation in a D2A unit. Delivery and installation are made via a telehealth provider direct to home. Data will be used to prompt to take medication, blood pressure and weight. Pre-recorded videos of specific meal plans can be viewed at scheduled food times, specific exercises are also available to help recovery from recent operations. Dr’s or health care visits are pre-loaded and reminders sent to inform the patient when to expect visits. Family and friends will be expected to get involved up loading photographs or video calling to check in. These reports are then used to asses the ability of the patient to perform tasks that may have previously required paid support. Where tasks are completed satisfactorily the level of care package can be reduced based on factual knowledge.


1. grandCARE System

2. Telehealth Peripherals

3. Multi-Sensor

4. Door/Window Sensor

5. Cupboard Sensor

6. Smart Plug (not included as standard)

The above illustration shows the sensors and peripherals that can be installed within a home. It is unlikely that a home would have all of these sensors installed.