Take a look at some of our recent case studies.

Shaun, Peter & Sajo's Story

“It not only reminds the individual to do the task but allows him to stop and start the video to follow step by step instructions”

Paul & Lyndsey

“grandCARE has reduced the number of reminders from families and allowed Paul & Lyndsey to manage on a daily basis.”

Heather's Story

“Heather feels she can contact her parents through various methods within the system but also keep her independence.”

Luke Wilson

“He takes his grandCARE system home to retain his independence.”

Albert's Story

“as his needs change and condition develops, the technology can adapt with him.”

Vitalerter Wigan

CQC – “from Good to Outstanding in 6 months”

grandCARE System is super user-friendly, helping me connect with my loved ones on a daily basis. It has lead me to regain my independency and nothing less.

Customer Testimonial – grandCARE