Activity Monitoring

grandCARE works with a range of small wireless sensors which can be triggered as a person moves around the house or even opens a door on a medication cupboard. We also have smart switches which can be used to turn on a lamp or detect when electricity has been used. Within grandCARE we can setup “Rules”, below are examples of how “Rules” work with Sensors and Smart Switches to monitor and keep people safe.

Acitivity Monitoring Package comes with the grandCARE 15.6” touchscreen monitor
  • 15.6″ grandCARE Touchscreen
  • grandCARE User License
  • Assessment
  • Provisioning/Configuration

The Activity Package includes a grandCARE Z-Stick Gen5 USB to create a gateway for control of Z-Wave devices. Two Multi Sensors, Two Window/Door Sensors and One Smart Switch with USB Charging Port.

grandCARE Z-Stick Gen5 USB


Medication Sensor

grandCARE Door Sensor

grandCARE Smart Switch

grandCARE Multi Sensor


Telehealth Device

grandCARE Oximeter

grandCARE Blood Pressure Cuff

grandCARE Weight Scales

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    Grandcare System is a super user-friendly, helping me connect with my loved ones on a daily basis. It has lead me to regain my independancy and nothing less.

    Customer Testimonial – GrandCare