A Day
in the Life

When your loved ones need that extra bit of loving care and attention – but you can’t always be by their side – grandCARE provides the perfect bond.
grandCARE is an ingenious, easy-to-use suite of technologies that keeps those who need care permanently connected to care-givers, healthcare professionals, family and friends.
Using a sophisticated cloud platform, the user enjoys complete social interaction as well as access to diaries, news, messages, reminders, audio books, video calls, photos and more.
But equally important, the wide range of programmable options also allows care-givers to monitor health, movement and medication.

grandCARE has been improving the quality of life for 1000’s of people for over 10 years. With focus on 5 cores benefits:

Fully Customisable

grandCARE is designed to be totally flexible, so the system can be customised with whichever features are most important, useful or interesting. It’s an entirely person-centred concept with the best interest of the individual foremost at all times.

Easy to Use

grandCARE’s touch screen interface has been specially designed to be instantly intuitive and super-simple to navigate. Even people with little or no experience of using computers will find it really easy to access video chat, photos, letters and calendar events.

Easy to Update

Through the care portal, carers can add or change tasks, calendar events, reminders, medications, personalised content and all communications…safely, securely and with minimum effort required

Wireless Healthcare

The system can be set up to each users’ individual requirements. Whilst not exhaustive, the following are some of the alerts you could create:
• Alert if parent is not back in bed 10 minutes after a visit to the bathroom
• Alert at 10pm if parent is not home after walking the dog at night
• Alert if parent has not taken medication after being prompted
• Alert if parent is not out of bed by 10am
• Alert if the temperature drops below 18 degrees within the property
• Alert parent to drink water if temperature goes above 26 degrees

The Human Touch

grandCARE isn’t meant to replace a friendly face. On the contrary, grandCARE is all about keeping the user permanently in touch with family and friends when they simply can’t be there. It also encourages social interaction, and helps ensure there are plenty of things on hand to entertain and stimulate the mind. All while keeping an ever-watchful eye on health and safety.