Supported Living

How Can Assisted Living Help You?

Assisted living is now the fastest growing care option for residents, however, seniors can often find it difficult to adjust to their new phase of life. There are now numerous assisted living facilities that could be beneficial for seniors who seek care but can often include inflated costs based on the type of residence, the size of the apartment, types of services required and location. This is where the GrandCare system can reduce the overall cost and help provide assisted living facilities for those seeking care. Here are the benefits using the GrandCare system…

  • Home health care service opportunities
  • Remote assisted living & nursing care
  • Touch Screen-based wellness programs
  • Response pendant
  • Medication adherence & management
  • Preventative & measurable data collection
  • Remote video chat at point of care for healthcare providers
  • Cost-effective & scalable

What Can The GrandCare System Do For You?

The GrandCare system adds a branded touch-based appliance and activity/telehealth monitors in the supported care environment. GrandCare enables staff and family to remotely monitor and coordinate health and activity patterns for residents. The resident can use the interactive, touch-based platform to video chat with health professionals, family and caregivers, receive instructions and medication reminders, view and sign up for events at the development, play brain games, and for basic family communications and fun.

Care Managers access all clients at one glance with GrandCare’s online care dashboard. They can be alerted if a specified event occurs (e.g. client didn’t get out of bed, door opened during the night, caregiver didn’t arrive, etc.)

GrandCare provides more than an interactive system, as it brings seamless care coordination with all carers, home health care, remote assisted living, preventative and measurable data collection and is extremely cost-effective compared to assisted living facilities.

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Supported living is about choosing how, where and who you live with. It is about having support provided around the individual rather than the individual fitting into a service.

Grandcare supports this vision