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The innovative GrandCare health tech enables caregiving organizations to provide affordable, efficient and effective elderly monitoring to a broader client base.

The GrandCare system combines several health tech care services into one comprehensive and easy-to-learn platform. Home help managers can access all clients at a glance with GrandCare’s online care dashboard. The dashboard can be customised so you only see the information that is important to you. The elderly monitoring manager can prompt a client to take a blood pressure reading every day, or remind them to take their medication after breakfast. For added peace of mind, action buttons can be placed around the home and worn on the person, so if they need emergency assistance it’s just a touch away. This revolution in health tech is all set to shake up the elderly monitoring are care industry.

Using the activity monitors which can be set up as required around the house, home help managers can be alerted if there is any unusual activity. If a door opens in the middle of the night or if the fridge doesn’t open in the morning then an alert will be sent to the health care provider, family members or a nearby friend. These rules are easy to set up using the simple alert wizard on the dashboard. This allows the senior to get on with their life and maintain their privacy while also offering peace of mind to their loved ones. This kind of home monitoring is highly efficient in providing prompt emergency care in the event of a fall.

For care service providers, GrandCare is a great way to improve your bottom line while offering the latest and greatest in assisted living technology. The GrandCare health tech system is affordable, efficient and highly effective at providing first class home monitoring services. This kind of comprehensive elderly monitoring allows seniors to maintain their independence for longer and improve their quality of life. With advances in home monitoring, the GrandCare system can help provide a care service suitable for anyone. Seniors with chronic illness are given the assistance they need to manage their own illnesses through healthcare monitoring and action buttons.

Volume pricing and professional packages for the GrandCare health tech system are available. Get in touch today to discuss your needs as a care service provider or home help company.

  • Virtual video visits: a new service offering for your caregivers to virtually check-in
  • Calendar scheduling directly to the touchscreen in the home
  • Care Coordination between caregivers, care managers, and family
  • Caregiver check-in button in the home
  • Caregiver to-do checklists (bathing, medications, grocery shopping, etc.)
  • Remote activity sensor monitoring (e.g. resident didn’t get out of bed, caregiver didn’t arrive)
  • Telehealth capabilities (automatic BP, weight, pulse ox, glucose, temperature recordings direct to system)
  • Medication Management – prompts to take medications, dosage, what medications look like
  • Safe & Secure Data Management
The greatest benefit of this must-have system is in its ease of use to maintain independent living at home through coordinated care and supervision. This multifaceted system has endless benefits that are truly appreciated with continued use. Tracey L. Wolfman, RN

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