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GrandCare enables caregiving organizations like yours to provide more affordable, efficient and effective care to a broader client base.

GrandCare combines several caregiving technologies into just one comprehensive and easy-to-learn platform. Care Managers access all clients at one glance with GrandCare’s online care dashboard. They can be alerted if a specified event occurs (Rules can be setup using a simple wizard to activate lights or notify staff based upon sensor activity).

To learn more about how you can improve your bottom line while offering the latest and greatest in “digital caregiving” services, contact GrandCare Systems today! Volume pricing and professional packages available

  • Virtual video visits: a new service offering for your caregivers to virtually check-in
  • Calendar scheduling directly to the touchscreen in the home
  • Care Coordination between caregivers, care managers, and family
  • Caregiver check-in button in the home
  • Caregiver to-do checklists (bathing, medications, grocery shopping, etc.)
  • Remote activity sensor monitoring (e.g. resident didn’t get out of bed, caregiver didn’t arrive)
  • Telehealth capabilities (automatic BP, weight, pulse ox, glucose, temperature recordings direct to system)
  • Medication Management – prompts to take medications, dosage, what medications look like
  • Safe & Secure Data Management

The greatest benefit of this must-have system is in its ease of use to maintain independent living at home through coordinated care and supervision. This multifaceted system has endless benefits that are truly appreciated with continued use.

Tracey L. Wolfman, RN

We Care Adult Care