GrandCare at Home

Stay independent for longer.

For older people, losing independence can be a very distressing event. The GrandCare system helps to address the health care needs of people in their private residence. This means they can stay in familiar surroundings, rather than moving to a nursing home or other homecare facility. If you worry about your elderly relative living alone, the Grandcare independent living services device can give you peace of mind.

Independent Living Services Brought Up To Date

The GrandCare system is a revolution in independent living services and can help older people to stay in their own home for longer. Using virtual communication touchscreen technologies, HIPAA compliant video chat, remote activity monitoring and telehealth recording, GrandCare can enable faster, better and more efficient care, at a fraction of the cost of traditional long-term homecare services. Hiring a full-time carer to provide homecare services can be very costly while sending your loved one to a nursing home can be very disruptive and distressing. With GrandCare independent living services, your loved one can stay in their own home while getting round the clock care.

Homecare Services On The Go

Family members and caregivers can remotely care for a loved one, regardless of geographic location. The two-way communication system means that the carer can receive alerts for specific events through motion sensors in the home or from the wearable alert pendant. Your loved one can also interact with family members by playing games, video chatting or through the medication management system. The multiple access levels mean that you can invite extended family and friends to interact with your relative with communicator access while healthcare providers can have access to medical information with caregiver access.

How does the Grandcare Homecare Services Work?

The heart of GrandCare is a large touchscreen appliance in the loved one’s residence. No computer or technical skills are needed. To your loved one, GrandCare is information, socialisation, family interaction, games, and music. Family members can log into the online GrandCare portal to video chat, add messages and pictures, create to-do lists, and add medication reminders. Your loved one doesn’t even need to touch the GrandCare screen for it to do its job.

Wireless activity and telehealth devices can be added as needed to any GrandCare independent living services touchscreen. It can send email, phone, and text notifications to caregivers regarding specific events. For example, if your loved one didn’t get out of bed, didn’t take a blood pressure reading or failed to open the fridge at mealtime, an alert will let the carer know that something could be wrong. This offers peace of mind to both parties, as your loved one won’t have to worry about checking in at certain times using phones or computers.

  • Large Touchscreen in each client home
  • Activity & Telehealth Sensors
  • Alert Pendant
  • Medication Management
  • Video Chat
  • Caregiver Dashboard
  • Caregiver Phone, Text, Email Alerts

Why GrandCare ?

GrandCare provides carers with meaningful, actionable personal health and wellness data for faster, better and more affordable care. Save on unnecessary costs. Provide better care.

Reduce Hospital Readmissions.

Reduce Footsteps.

Reduce Expenses.