Using GrandCare

GrandCare’s flexible and comprehensive platform can be optimised for a variety of needs. From the individual and family who want to stay independent longer, to health care service providers, senior living communities, or hospice providers, GrandCare can help you do what you do even better. Click on a scenario below to find out more.

Health Care Service Professionals

Manage chronic conditions, prevent hospital readmissions and facilitate successful hospital-to-home transitions with GrandCare. Home healthcare professionals can augment their on-site visits with telehealth monitoring, HIPAA-compliant video check-ins, and medication management. Caregivers can be alerted proactively if health readings are worsening, while care managers can view the whole operation from the enterprise online care portal.

Supported Living

GrandCare adds a branded touch-based appliance and activity/telehealth monitors in the supported care environment. GrandCare enables staff and family to remotely monitor and coordinate health and activity patterns for residents. 

Senior Housing Program

GrandCare arms senior housing providers with telehealth, activity monitoring, and care coordination tools for the entire community. Large touchscreens in resident rooms deliver community schedules, emergency broadcasts, games, family communications, and even video consults with health providers.

Pursue new revenue opportunities, improve staff productivity, and establish an advantage over the competition with GrandCare.

Hospital-to-Home Program

Chronic disease management tools enable a seamless transition from hospital to home, enhance patient experience, and coordinate patient-centered care.

GrandCare’s simple touch-based appliance arms a discharged patient with diagnosis information, instructions, medication management, remote caregiving coordination and one-touch HIPAA video chat with health providers. Wireless telehealth devices enable remote monitoring of patient vitals, preventing avoidable hospital readmissions.

Family Care Program

Family members can remotely care for and socially engage with a loved one, regardless of geographic location. The simple, mobile-friendly portal allows users to communicate directly to a large touchscreen in the loved one’s home, and be alerted if something is wrong (e.g. didn’t get out of bed). Best of all, your loved one doesn’t need to know anything about computers to enjoy family interaction, video chat and other information on the GrandCare touchscreen.