Frequently Asked Questions

Is GrandCare just for elderly people?

Not at all. Grandcare can help to improve the quality of life for a broad range of people. It helps to increase independence while improving social connectivity for people with: physical or learning disabilities, autism, Downs syndrome or the early stages of dementia.

Can I surf the internet on my GrandCare?

You can control to access all of your favourite websites on the Grandcare system while preventing accidental access to inappropriate or offensive content. This is especially important if there are issues of vulnerability or safeguarding.

The system does not support flash content.

Can my carers and family log in through their phones to stay in touch even though there isn’t an App?

 Yes, your care circle can stay connected using the web portal which can be accessed from any internet connected phone, tablet or computer.

If a carer or family member tries to contact me through email or call on GrandCare will it alert me?

Yes, the touchscreen will notify you with screen popups or customisable sounds and messages to let you know if you receive a message or video call.

Can I get any monetary allowance/benefit towards my GrandCare costs?

Your Personal Independent Payment can be used towards the cost of the system. If you previously received Disability Living Allowance, you may be VAT exempt.

Are there different screen sizes available?

Yes! We offer three sizes of screens: 15.6”, 19.5” and 21.5.”

Do you offer training and on-going support?

Yes, we have a range of system packages. The entry level is webinar training and support, while the more inclusive packages include training caregivers and family in the user’s home upon handover of the system.

There are different levels of telephone/video support. Our all-inclusive package includes unlimited training, and any amendments or support will be dealt with by our team. The service support levels are there to dovetail your requirements.

Can GrandCare co-ordinate and organise the broadband installation as part of your offering?

Yes, can supply broadband separately and will be able to confirm the bandwidth availability in your area. We can co-ordinate the installation of the broadband as well as the installation of the GrandCare system.

As there is personal information on the GrandCare system, how secure is the system?

The GrandCare system holds encrypted data such as medication information, calendar event information and movement activity. It does not store information such as your name or address. The system has been designed to be very secure, and any information transferred to the cloud platform is further encrypted using a Virtual Private Network.

Can the GrandCare software be installed on any device? i.e. Android, iPad & Smartphone.

No – the GrandCare system is a medical device which runs on a specialised secure Linux Operating System.

Is the GrandCare system a portable device allowing the user to take it from room to room?

 No, the GrandCare system is not portable. It gives medication prompts and detects movement, so it needs to be constantly plugged in and needs a high-speed broadband connection for ultimate reliability.

Is GrandCare an App?

No, it is a pre-installed application. Unavailable on Google Play or the AppStore.

If I purchase a GrandCare package is that the price or are there any monthly licence fees?

Once you have chosen the package that suits you, there is a monthly licence fee for the software license, upgrades, maintenance and support. The price of this is dependent on your chosen service level agreement and will be clearly stated on the website and literature we send you.

What happens if my elderly relative passes away or doesn’t engage with the system within the first 12 months. Do I still have to pay the monthly licence fee?

The GrandCare system could be transferred to another member of the family or friends as you own the touchscreen computer and the operating system, but there would be an administration fee as we would need to wipe any pre-existing data, sanitise and re-assess its new owner (subject to our Terms and Conditions). The licence fee is a 12-month agreement which is renewed annually so you would be required to pay up to the renewal date.

Can the GrandCare system take voice prompts and give verbal instructions?

Currently, this is under development and is anticipated to launch late 2017, we anticipate both of these services being available.

Does my annual license fee include updates developed by GrandCare systems?

Yes, all updates and ongoing developments are included, you will be notified via an email of the update, and our support staff can talk you through taking advantage of any updates.

Can the GrandCare system give visual prompts where we have a non-verbal communicator?

Currently, certain aspects of the system are pictorial such as prompts and medication, however, due to popular demand we are under development in this area.

What happens to the GrandCare system in the event of a power cut?

As with all electrical devices, the system would shut down, but the GrandCare Cloud can notify all caregivers via Email and Text that the system has powered down and then will re-notify when the system is powered back on. The system will not lose information if it is turned off but it will not be able to communicate with sensors etc.